Most Chromebooks have screens smaller than 13 inches, but if you would like the most important, Acer has something for you. The company’s new Chromebook 15 features a 15.6-inch, 1080p display, which is very large within the Chromebook space, also as a sturdy aluminum frame. But while that screen is sharp, it is also dim and bland, so you’ve got to make a decision if streaming media on an enormous screen is worthwhile if you will not see it within the best light.

First things first, the Chromebook 15 is big. That’s intentionally. It’s meant to be an enormous Chromebook for streaming video or watching pictures. This machine may be a silver, metal slab with Acer’s logo during a mirror finish on the left side and therefore the Chrome icon on the left side. once you open the lid, you will see the 15.6-inch display surrounded by a thick bezel. The metal deck has speakers above the palm rests on all sides of the keyboard. The Chromebook doesn’t have plenty of ports, but considering that Chromebooks are used for easy web browsing or streaming, you almost certainly don’t need them. all sides features a USB Type-C port you’ll charge over either of them and a USB 3.0 port.

The display board on the Chromebook is nothing to run home about. Sure, it’s big, at 15.6-inches, and you will not find many others that size. It also features a 1080p screen, which is rare on a Chromebook. But it isn’t very bright or particularly colorful.

The speakers on the edges of the Chromebook’s keyboards are just ordinary. once I listened to Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” the vocals stood out among the combination and therefore the guitars were fine, but the drums did not have tons of impact and that i couldn’t figure out the bass. The Chromebook 15 filled little room with sound, though it sounded muddled once I wasn’t directly ahead of the machine.

Chrome OS:
If you recognize the way to use an internet browser, you already skills to use the bulk of Chrome OS. an outsized a part of Google’s lightweight OS is that the company’s browser, which functions even as it does on Windows and macOS. Sure, there is a desktop with a task bar like on Windows, but you’ll do most of your add the browser.

The Chromebook 15 supports apps from the Google Play store, which greatly broadens what you’ll do with a Chromebook. The Chromebook 15’s touch screen may be a help here, as most Android apps are designed for touch But you’ll also use a mouse and keyboard. Not all Android apps work perfectly with Chrome OS yet, so we hope Google gets that straight sooner instead of later.


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