There’s always a plethora of debate and discussions over what’s best – Android smartphones or iOS phones, and therefore the arguments keep happening and on. Before I start with my point of view, i might wish to say that i’m unbiased and this blog is predicated on reason and logic and not on emotions and private preferences. But if you invite my opinion, i think that an iPhone are often exclusive but an Android smartphone is exciting! Although iPhone sales have gone crazy high the added hardware capabilities and features like wireless charging and high resolution OLED screen, Android smartphones are still steps ahead with their amazing combinations useful, features and choices, which too, without making a hole within the pocket There are reasons why iPhone users should give Android phones some serious thoughts, let’s check out them one by one.

A price that matches all pockets:
While Apple iPhones stand out for his or her exclusivity, the simplest a part of Android smartphones is their inclusivity. an in depth sort of Android phones also imply that different designs, features and specs are included to suit any and each budget. It provides a very smartphone experience to customers with its wide selection of costs. In fact, a reasonably spec-loaded Android phone is usually less in price compared to the oldest iPhone model.

Customization at it best:
Customers like to experiment and explore different options and functionalities when it involves their smartphones and Androids offer the right ways to customize your phones, which clearly is missing in Apple iOS phones. Whether you would like a replacement third-party keyboard or a replacement launcher, your Android smartphones have all the choices. Moreover, there are other features to think about like numerous apps, Skype texting, wallpapers, custom ROM installs, predictive text messaging, cloud storage for photos, widgets then on. And consistent with sources, Apple is now getting inspired by many Android features and functionalities and is implementing an equivalent third-party keyboards and a few widgets in its iOS system. it’s evident that users love the thought of being flexible with their phones.

Awesome widgets and multitasking:
The wonderful widgets form the foremost favorite a part of Android smartphones and may anytime beat the limited Apple iOS widgets. Although, Apple claims that they avoid using multiple widgets to eliminate clutter, but actually, Android widgets let users transform their smartphones the way they want! in any case, life and work becomes easier with of these awesome widgets like weather details, custom clock, alarms and reminders, direct calls to contact, integrated emails and messages, flashlight then on. it’s so convenient to urge all the knowledge you would like with just a look on your phone home screen. At an equivalent time, Android smartphones allow users to perform multiple tasks by using multiple apps directly. After all, where else are you able to watch a YouTube video while texting your friend at an equivalent time, or can access a file while taking notes from a lecture video

The hardware:
On comparing Samsung Galaxy S9+ with iPhone X, it’s been found that the previous possesses more improved and impressive specs with better camera quality, than the later. Samsung Galaxy S9+ wins over the iPhone X for its octa-core processor, waterproof chassis, higher RAM capacity and features like face recognition and fingerprint scanner. So, in terms of hardware Android may be a clear winner over iOS.


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