Software testing productivity plays a critical role in speeding up software delivery. the upper the productivity, the greater the probabilities of quick delivery. Therefore, the importance of software testing productivity can’t be ignored by both, the developers and therefore the testers. Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you the list four factors that are impacting software testing productivity.

Lack of Proper Communication:
It is important for all the testers to form sure that your channel is effective and efficient. Relevant emails are required that has got to clearly mention everything regarding calls to form to software testing associates. this is often followed by meetings that are aiming for an actual communication mode. Just emailing employees regarding software testing details isn’t a really good idea. this is often because just some people read the whole emails. Meetings and calls must not be ignored.

Weak Prioritization of Tests:
Nowadays, prioritizing any task is extremely tricky and an important job. Therefore, we must prioritize testing risky and high-value-strands. However, if we select the less risky tests cases first, then we’ll leave the riskier test cases for the top. this is often the purpose where test congestion occurs can create difficult situations for you. So, you’re requested to prioritize your test suit wisely. you want to confine mind, that if you decide on random test cases with none proper priorities and planning, then defect perhaps trouble you and hoard at any point in time.

Lack of Dependency at The Management Level:
You need to ascertain all requirements, code quality, the event level of completion, test environment and test data and other tests before going ahead with the other step. whenever analogous dependencies aren’t succeeded correctly, it can cause needless interruption and also strike of the whole process significantly. the use of testing tools are often accommodating in designing, planning, execution, tracking and extra steps during a testing procedure. they provide good traceability for tracking the above-mentioned dependencies.

Lack of Productivity and Efficiency within the Software Testing Industry:
In this software testing industry, productivity and efficiency are of utmost value. Therefore, majority of the businesses are choosing test management tools. After a day, release cycles are literally quickly speeding at an enterprise level thanks to agility, with continuous and rapid practices for on-time project deliveries. Apparently, all companies are using automated tools for testing quite half test cases and perform less manual testing to stay up the proper speed of delivering projects.

Planning in software testing is important. Quality Assurance process relies on many aspects including test estimation and planning. Main things that ought to be estimated are human resources, time, cost and risks. Clear understanding of risks and amount of labor may improve further productivity. Some software tests are often applied even on the requirements’ analysis stage. it’s going to reduce possible bugs before production.

Size & Complexity:
Complex and enormous scale projects have variety of features that need more skills and time for testing. New functionality must be covered by tests. Scope of labor and technologies affect testing techniques and should change them within the project. that’s why continuous software integration needs continuous testing and time.


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